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Whinging Wednesday

Mondays we have the Positives, and Friday ... well, Friday is just a relief, isn't it? So, I figured the middle of the week would be a good day to gripe, bitch, whinge and moan about whatever is annoying or pissing me off. Feel free to join me!

1.  It's raining. AGAIN!! STOP ALREADY, DAMMIT!!

2.  I get so annoyed with people who tell a story - like, a funny TV show or commercial or something they've seen - and get it wrong, so they try again and again. It's like listening to a three-year-old, "... and then he ... no, wait, it was ... the other ... no ... yes, he went down ... and then ... anyway it was SO funny!"

3.  Erm ... actually, I guess I'm not that ticked off about stuff right now. I've had days where the annoyances of the world nearly made me burst, but today? Not so much. Maybe next week will be better. Heh.

Monday Positives

Remembered this week! Ha!

1.  Over the weekend mom and I gave several large bags of clothes and shoes and other crap to Goodwill. It felt really good to clear out that space in the garage - I can see the shelves now! I even feel a bit lighter now.

2.  I put more books and clothes up for auction on Ebay (and as of this morning, had already sold one sweater!), and hope to be getting rid of those things soon.

3.  I printed out some of the gorgeous pictures I took last week at the Mission and hung them up on the display wall. Here's an example: