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Stars and Stripes Forever

Flag1The new jury assembly room at the Superior Court is finished and was dedicated this afternoon. It's really nice; much nicer than that dark, crowded little cave our jurors used to have to wait in. That place was so small, many jurors had to sit on the floor in the hallway while they waited. This space is bigger, the chairs are more comfortable (and there are plenty of them!), there are more magazines and books for waiting jurors to read, and they can see out through the large glass windows and watch the rest of the world go by as they wait to do their civic duty. Or not, as the case may be.

One of the Court's employees, Toby Richards, is serving as a Marine in Iraq. (He was deployed before I started working there, so I haven't met him yet.) This flag was flown over Camp Fallujia where Toby is stationed, and was presented to the Court along with the Certificate of Authenticity. It will now be hanging in the jury room. I just think that's so cool! I literally had goosebumps when it was presented!

De-Lurking Week

DelightfulIt's that time again - time for all you lurkers to come out of the closet (so to speak) and let the bloggers you read know you're there! It's easy: just leave a comment. Nothing big, just say "hi!" It's nice to know who's out there! Last year it was just one day; this year it's a full week of de-lurking - January 9 - 13. Have fun!

Sleeping on Clouds

NewbedWhen I said I'd be "sleeping on clouds" when my new mattress arrived, I meant that the mattress would be so soft it would feel like I was sleeping on a cloud, not that I'd actually be high enough off the ground to be able to touch a cloud! 

I swear this is the tallest bed in the world! It's twice as tall as my old bed! I'm sure I'll sleep well in it; it's just getting up into it that will be the challenge!

As Positive as Possible

My first list for Participation Positives for 2006! Although I didn't put it down as one of my New Year's Resolutions, I have resolved to have a more positive outlook on life this year. And, so on to this Monday's list:

1.  Man is it raining! It's good, though; I know we need the water. I'm just hoping we don't float away!

2.  The Rose Parade got rained on for the first time in 51 years, but it was still spectacular! The floats were gorgeous and the marching bands sounded great!

3.  I have today off, so I can enjoy the rain from the warmth and comfort of my home.

4.  It's definitely a soup day - I love soup! A nice thick hearty soup with a slice of yummy sourdough bread. Mmmmm.

First Accomplishment of the New Year

Bestof05picturesI got this purple leather tri-fold photo frame for Christmas, and rather than let it sit around empty, collecting dust (as I used to do), I printed out nine of my 30 Best Of 2005 pictures, trimmed them to size, and filled the frame. It may seem like a simple easy thing to many of you, but for me, the Queen of Procrastination and Laziness, it was quite an accomplishment!