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Open Letter to the Washington State Democratic Party

HypocritefishI recieved an e-mail today from the American Family Association regarding the Washington State Democratic Party offering for sale on their website the sticker you see posted here. Naturally I was disgusted as well as hurt - I'm a Christian and registered Democrat! Though if the above is what the Democratic Party has become, I'll be tearing up my card and registering with another party! The AFA provided a link where we could send an e-mail to the chairman of the WA State Democratic party, and the following is the letter I sent:

Dear Chairman Berendt,

As a registered Democrat and a Christian, I am appalled and deeply offended that such a sticker was displayed for sale on your web site. Do you really think only Republicans are Christian? I'm certian this is not the case; surely I can't be the only one. I was born and raised Christian - in Washington State, I may add - and happily registered with the Democratic party when I turned 18. I've been voting Democrat ever since (and, in case you're wondering, I'm turning 40 in January).

I'm happy and thankful the page has been removed, albeit only when it was found out and complained about. Is that really how Democrats feel about Christians? That we're hypocrites destined to burn in what looked like the firey pit of hell? I can't imagine that being so. But, if it IS, please let me know, so I can withdraw my support for the Democratic party.

And, finally, I feel a public apology is in order.  I look forward to seeing your public apology in the media.


Lisa-Marie Jordan