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Happy New Year!

AfterthestormThe day turned out pretty nice once the storm blew by. Ironically it was when the sun emerged that the power went out. We were without electricity for a few hours, but it's back now, so I'll be able to watch Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve on TV. I don't know why, but I just love watching that giant ball drop in Times Square! I hope everyone has a safe and sane New Year's Eve! I'll see you all in 2006! Cheers!

Update in Bullets

  • I am sick of candy and chocolate. Sick. To. Death. There was always a new 2lb. box of See's Candies or cookies or cakes showing up at work this past week, and I enjoyed waaaaay more Holiday Cheer than I should have. Gah!

  • I've been doing a pretty good job of updating my journal for both Holidailies and Tidings, but doing a terrible job of updating that fact here. Just go to Self-Portrait; I'm linking several new entries on the main page.

  • I finished and mailed all my Christmas cards last weekend (picture included in previous entry). Next year, I'm starting really early!

  • I ended up receiving several gift items from co-workers this year, but didn't give any myself. I've been feeling a bit guilty about it - it was reminiscent of my first year at AMBerland where gifts mysteriously appeared on my desk. At that time I didn't know such things were done (and later we they started just drawing names and didn't do individual gifts), and I mistakenly assumed that since we'd done a gift exchange that individual gifts weren't done. I guess I should've asked. But, at least I know for next year.

  • Mom and I ended up having our coffee and muffin at the bakery of our local fancy-pants hotel because not only was Carlene's closed for the holiday, but it's no longer Carlene's. Sheesh! It's only been a couple weeks since we were there last! Now it's called The Gathering Place, and mom and I will have to see if we want to "gather" there or not.

  • Anyway, at the fancy-pants hotel I tried a new coffee - Heavenly Hazelnut from Peerless Coffee. It's delicious! I've found a new favourite coffee!

  • I think that's all for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday - whatever you celebrate! Cheers!

Peace on Earth

PeaceonearthThis is the photo I used for my Christmas cards this year. The picture was taken waaaaaay back in January of this year when my friend Jewel and I met up in Santa Barbara, CA. We had afternoon tea at a fancy-pants hotel by the water, and afterwards, we watched the sun set into the Pacific; this was one of the best shots I took that evening. I added the "Peace on Earth" sentiment in PSP in CK Summer font. I printed the pictures out and stuck them on blank cards using photo corners. I think the cards turned out really well! Cheers!

A Few Things

Things That Made Me Smile Today

* Waking up and realizing that it's finally Friday!

*  Sunshine and blue sky; cool, but not too cold.

*  Seeing a Christmas wreath with a red bow on the front grill of a pickup truck.

*  Listening to Il Divo's Christmas album.

*  Finishing  Encyclopedia of An Ordinary Life - although that makes me a little sad, too. It's sad to come to the end of a really good book.

Free to Be ... You and Me. Another online journaller mentioned this children's album earlier this week, and I remembered having the record as a child myself. I found the CD on, and ordered it immediately. It arrived today. Let the regression begin!

Open Letter to the Washington State Democratic Party

HypocritefishI recieved an e-mail today from the American Family Association regarding the Washington State Democratic Party offering for sale on their website the sticker you see posted here. Naturally I was disgusted as well as hurt - I'm a Christian and registered Democrat! Though if the above is what the Democratic Party has become, I'll be tearing up my card and registering with another party! The AFA provided a link where we could send an e-mail to the chairman of the WA State Democratic party, and the following is the letter I sent:

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