Happy Thanksgiving!
Lucky Penny

Monday's Positives

Good Lord, it's cold! It wouldn't have been so bad except the bus driver, I swear, had the AC on full blast! I can tolerate standing at the bus stop being cold for a few minutes, but sitting on the bus for over half an hour freezing? Not so much. Enough of that, on with the Positives:

1.  Thanksgiving dinner with the family was great! My aunt and uncle did the honours this year, and had one turkey baked traditionally in the oven, and deep-fried another one. Deep frying turkey is apparently a new trend, and it's actually pretty good. Very moist. Even the white meat.

2.  Having four days off from work was wonderful! Sleeping in and taking afternoon naps every day was quite a treat!

3.  I have started making my Christmas cards! I actually have two different designs - one a hand-stamped design, and the other is a sunset photo I took in Santa Barbara back in January with "Peace on Earth" printed on the bottom. I'm going to make a random number of each, so no one will know exactly what they're getting! Fun!

4.  While I managed to do a rather graceful face-plant into the street in front of my house Saturday morning, I somehow escaped without serious injury - no cuts, scrapes or bruises. My left ankle was a bit sore from being twisted slightly, and today my right shoulder and upper arm and right thigh muscle still ache a bit. But overall, not too bad.

5.  Now that it's after Thanksgiving, we can officially listen to Christmas music. And decorate, although we haven't decided if we'll bother with that this year.