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Forgotten Positives

Dang! I keep forgetting to do my Positives on Mondays! Grr! This week the theme is: My New Job.

1.  It's always interesting.

2.  There's very little downtime. You're always off doing something!

3.  That makes the day go by really, really fast!

4.  I work with really cool people.

5.  I swear I've lost weight since I started here!

6.  Designated break times!

7.  I get to ride the bus (therefore saving gas, parking fees and stress).

8.  I have a nameplate!

That's all I can think of right now. I'm sure there's more.

Oooooohhhh! Shiny!

ShinyI got my brand spankin' new nameplate at work this past week! Squee! I also got my shiny clean new stamps that I will soon be stamping important stuff with. (Note: these are not like the stamps I use at home to make pretty cards and pictures, they're Official Stamps!)

Work is going well; sorry I don't update as often, but learning all this stuff, plus taking the Corporate Law class is filling my brain near to bursting! I've been falling unconscious into my bed by 9:30 every night this past week. Pathetic, I know. Only a couple more weeks of class, though, then after that I might have some more downtime. 'Nuff for now! Have a terrific weekend! Cheers!

Belated Positives

I keep forgetting to do this. Sorry. I remembered today, and have plenty of positive things to list about my weekend in Santa Barbara with my friend Jewel:

1.   We had absolutely gorgeous weather in SB. Sunshine and blue skies all the way!

2.  The Chumash Casino is really nice, and has some fun penny and nickel slots. It's better than bowling!

3.  The SB Museum of Art is small, but awesome, and contains lots of beautiful paintings, art, and sculptures.

4.  Jewel and I played tons of Rummy. I still suck at that game, but it's fun anyway!

5.  Batman Begins? OMG. Can we just forget the three previous Batman movies ever happened, and start from right now? Pretty please? Seriously, it's a fantastic movie! You said it, Butch, they totally got it right!

6.  I got to do some shopping at Lane Bryant, and while they're still in between seasons and didn't have a terribly good selection, I did manage to find a few cute tops I'll be able to wear at my new job!

7.  I was able to get several items for July's 26 Things list (gallery here.) in SB and in the Museum.

8.  With the notable exception of the Casino's buffet (seriously? avoid at all costs. just go to the fancy restaurant. trust me.), I consumed some yummy meals and beverages.

9.  It was just totally awesome to see my friend Jewel again. It's been way too long.

10.  The drive up and back was easy and uneventful!