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A Visit to Avila Beach

Avila36Mom and I went to Avila Beach yesterday. Oh, it was lovely! It started out nice and cool, but even when the fog burned off and it got warm, it was still just so nice to be at the beach again! Journal entry and some pictures are here, and the full Avila Beach Photo Gallery is here. The Introduction to the gallery is the same as the journal entry, so feel free to skip it and move on to the pictures! Cheers!

Just Peachy!!

JustpeachyI was a bad, bad girl. I got a pedicure today. I couldn't help it! My toes were so horrible! I had to do it! So, I did. And, boy, do I feel better! Colour is O.P.I.'s Day at the Peach - one of my favourites - picture taken just before going to my Corporate Law class. Cheers!

R.I.P. James Doohan

I've been a Trekkie since I was a kid. I loved the action and adventure of the original Star Trek series; it is the best of them all, in my opinion. And while Captain Kirk was handsome and manly, the Enterprise crewman I had the biggest crush on was Montgomery Scott - "Scotty" - the Engineer. I loved his accent, his smile, and his warm, sparkling eyes!

I just heard James Doohan - the actor who portrayed Scotty for many, many years - passed away today. I'm very sad. I think I'll pull out my Star Trek DVDs and watch a few. And remember.

Gold bless you, James.

Squee! Harry's Here!

HarryYay! My copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince arrived only moments ago! I ripped the cardboard cover off, and immediately took a picture (because I'm weird like that). Yeah, my copy looks different than the ones you've probably been seeing in the bookstores and on TV; that's because I ordered mine from the UK (because I'm a Brit Snob like that), and got the "Adult Edition" (because I'm curious like that). Now all I have to do is finish Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and I can start in on this one!

(Oh, and to all my Christian friends who are currently freaking out, crossing themselves and praying for me, while I appreciate the sentiment, seriously, y'all, chill out. It's just a book!)