Happy Father's Day!!

Where in the World is Fisher's Landing?

Actually, Fisher's Landing is in Washington State, near Vancouver. How do I know this? And, why do I freakin' care?

(WARNING: the following contains a great deal of profanity and promises of violence. Read at your own risk.)

Because, some shit head fuck face ASShole got their grimy fingers on my mom's VISA card, and got a CASH ADVANCE at the First Independant Bank in Fisher's Fucking Landing!!!

Granted it was only $100.00, but STILL!! What an asshole! Oh, I am pissed off! PISSED OFF, I tell you!

How fucking rude is that? Stealing from a poor, retired teacher!! Who has to live on some pathetic pension?! Have you no shame, you little prick? When I get my hands on you, rest assured I will take great pleasure in wounding you internally.