Not Guilty

A Pretty Nice Day

Mission1_1For those of you who are curious, the interview went pretty well. Just a brief chat with a few people and I was on my way in under an hour. Not sure exactly what that means . . . *shrug*

Anyway, when I was finished I went downtown to check out the newly opened Pottery Barn. I found the perfect comfy chair and ottoman combo, but fell out of love with it immediatly upon seeing the chair alone was over a thousand dollars. I practically ran out of the store! Nice, pretty, clean, wonderfully intoxicating stuff in Pottery Barn, but I swear I'm going to have to marry a billionaire if I want to decorate my house with that stuff! Gah!

But, the best part of the day was having lunch with two former co-workers (*waves* Hi, you two!). It was nice to see a couple of familiar faces again and shoot the breeze with people other than my immediate family! (No offense, family!) We had sandwiches at Cisco's and sat out on the patio overlooking SLO creek. It was really lovely, but alas, all too brief. They headed back to the office, and I . . . took a few more snapshots, did a little more writing, then went home, got in my comfy clothes and watched Oprah. Ahh! Loverly!