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1.  I remembered to write my Participation Positives before Monday ended!

2.  It's a holiday! Oh, wait  . . . I'm unemployed, every day is a holiday for me!

3.  The kitchen is totally clean!! Of course now I'm terrified to cook in it . . .

4.  Slowly but surely I'm selling my old rubber stamps on Ebay and Used Rubber!

5.  I lost three pounds last week!

The Joys of Home Ownership, Part Two

HousebeforeThe past few days my mom and I have been purging, organizing, and cleaning the kitchen. Gah! What a hideous chore! Now the kitchen looks so nice (particularly the stove and oven), I'm terrified to step foot in it, let alone cook anything! In the meantime, my cousin HAJ3 has been painting the trim and contrasting blue colour on our house. What you see here is the "before" of the blue; the "after" picture and continuing saga of The Joys of Home Ownership here.

More Garden Stuff

NewcornerThe space where Stumpy once stood has been filled with four square paving stones, and topped with my old mosaic birdbath. The pavers fit almost perfectly in the hole Stumpy's extraction left behind; I only had to cut in for the corners on two of the pavers. It took a total of two hours, and looks one hundred times better! Now I just need to trim back that overgrown rosemary and the pink-flowered shrub, and I'll be done with Operation: Tame the Backyard! Then I can start on Operation: Tame the Front Yard!

Silver Anniversary

It was 25 years ago today that Mount St. Helens erupted, killing 57 people and sending a black cloud floating over Eastern Washington State, dumping tons of ash in its wake. I was 14 years old, and remember that day pretty well. Last year I wrote about it for my Memoir Writing Class, and last October I posted that memoir in my journal. You can read it here.

How My Garden Grows

Garden5Well, hopefully it'll grow! I'm never sure if I'm planting stuff correctly; if I'm packing the soil down enough, or too much, or if I'm watering too much or too little. Well, I planted some flowers this morning, and my mom planted some new tomato plants, and I guess we'll just see how they do! I also did some more work on Operation: Tame the Backyard yesterday, which you can read about here.

Farewell, Stumpy

Stump2I've spent the past couple of mornings (and only mornings, because it's been getting hot in the afternoons) digging out the stump of the tree that died last year. It was pretty hard work - mostly because our ground is nothing more than clay and rocks - but this morning I finally managed it! Read all about it here!