And just for fun ...
Almost there!


Well, I'm off to the Frozen Tundra, otherwise known as Green Bay, Wisconsin! I'm SO excited! I could barely sit still all day, the anticipation was so great! The flight(s) I know will be hellish (Two, count 'em, two plane changes! The silver lining there is that Jake will be in Cincinnati the same time I am, so we can complain about the ungodliness of the hour together.), but I have most of the day to recover before meeting up with dozens of awesome online journallers for drinks and revelry. I don't know when I'll update again - I still haven't gotten around to setting my Vaio up with whatever it needs to be able to go online outside of my home, so unless there's a Kinko's nearby, or someone lets me borrow their laptop, it probably won't be until Monday night or Tuesday.

Anyway ... gah!