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Romber Rant

I don't get it - why do people like Romber? (Rob and Amber from Survivor All-Stars currently ruining what was once the best reality show on television, The Amazing Race.) They're such horrible people! I can't stand them! I loved AR way before it became popular, but I can't even bear to watch this season because of those two jerks. My blood pressure shoots up fifty points when their ugly mugs hit the screen. Gah!

Is there something about them I'm missing? Some redeeming value in their lying, cheating, scheming and manipulating that I can't see? Is it because these once-frowned-upon behaviours are suddenly accepted by our moral-free society? Because if it is, could you please stop the planet? I'd like to get off!

Please, someone enlighten me!

Late Again

I know, I know. I'm late with my Participation Positives contribution again this week. And, I totally missed last week. I know. I'll make up for it now with ten positives, instead of the usual five! Enjoy!

1.  We got our daffys from The American Cancer Society's Daffodil Days today!
2.  Today was also payday, which is always a postive thing!
3.  In case you hadn't noticed, I had a terrific time in Green Bay, Wisconsin last weekend!
4.  It was awesome to see all my internet friends again!
5.  We went on a sleigh ride through the snow!
6.  We had High Maintenance Hamburgers and fried cheese curds.
7.  We sang Karaoke (well, they did, not me!).
8.  My flights were not too terribly bad. I got to Green Bay and back home in one piece and will all my luggage. Eventually.
9.  I got to see Lambeau Field!
10.  I got to see Canada geese, bald eagles and birds of prey close up at the Wildlife Sanctuary.