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Swiped from Lori and Pugsley's place: 1.What is your bedtime routine? Take a shower, cleanse face, perform oral hygene (toothpick, floss, brush, Listerene rinse) home care routine, final check of e-mail/favourite online journal/blog sites, watch TV, sleep.

2.Do you squeeze or roll the toothpaste from top to bottom? Squeeze, usually starting in the middle.

3.Do you take vitamins? Yes, but not at night, I take them in the morning.

4.What do you sleep in? Not much.

5. How many pillows do you sleep with? Two.

6.What kind of sheets, blankets are on your bed? Currently I have flannel sheets, and one acrylic blanket.

7.What position do you sleep in? Usually curled up in the fetal position; right or left side, it doesn't matter.

8.What weird sleeping habits do you have? Well, if curling up with my bear Brandon is weird, then that would be it.

9.How many hours of sleep do you need? I prefer about nine or ten, but I'm lucky if I get six or seven.