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Monday Positives

1. I got a ton of work done around the house Saturday! It was awesome! Check this out:

2. I went through my shoes ... all of them: The ones in the shoe holders on the floor of my closet, the ones in the shoe boxes on the top shelf of my closet, and the ones in the bin in the garage. I got rid of so many pairs of shoes that I just have a few left in my closet and that's it! I believe they call that "room to grow" on Clean Sweep.

3. I went through all the clothes I had in the bins in the garage as well as the hall closet and the cedar chest, and got rid of tons of old clothes that will never ever wear. Some of these things I've been hanging onto for years in the hopes that I would one day be a size 8 again. That will never happen, I realize that now. I'll be lucky if I can become a size 16 at this point! So, all the old stuff is on its way to Goodwill. Someone is going to have one heck of a shopping spree!

4.  I put more stuff on Ebay, and two items are already selling!

5. I started stamping what were originally going to be spring cards, but I think I'll use them for Mother's Day instead. It felt really good to stamp and be creative again!

6. The Grand Prix of Malaysia was actually quite good! I'm so happy to see someone other than Ferrari getting some wins! (Though I do wish it could've been a Jordan!)