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Life and Death

It was just reported on the news that Terri Schaivo has died. My heart goes out to her family - the Schindlers - who have fought so long and hard to save her life.

Personal opinion follows. Read at your own risk.

It's sad that our so-called "civilized" society doesn't value human life anymore. (I suppose I shouldn't be surprised though, considering it legalized the killing of babies many years ago, and hasn't seen fit to get a clue and reverse that, but it's still sad.) It's sad that just because you can't speak, move, or feed yourself, society claims yours is obviously not a life worth living; that you're better off dead. It's sad that men and women who commit brual, heinous crimes against other human beings are given a relatively quick and painless death to pay for their crimes, but a woman who's only apparent "crime" is that she can't speak for herself is forced to starve to death in a slow and agonizing manner. Death with dignity? I don't think so.

God bless you, Terri. God bless the Schindlers. Hopefully this family tragedy will teach our society an important lesson about the value of human life.