Almost there!
All's Well That Ends Well

Home Sweet Home

Well, I'm home. It was another long travelling day, but not too bad. Until we were beginning our decent into San Luis, that is, when I suddenly realized I'd done a stupid, stupid thing.

You see, I checked all my bags in Green Bay. All of them; including the my heavy, overstuffed backpack in which was located my cell phone and my car keys.

Man, I thought, if that bag doesn't make it to SLO, I'm screwed!

Well, I suppose you can guess what happened next ... that's right! ... the bag didn't make it. In fact, none of my bags made it! Gah!

To make a long story short (because it's really late, and I'm totally beat!), I ended up taking a cab home. The airline didn't know if my bags would be on the last flight of this evening, or if they would come in tomorrow, and frankly I didn't feel like hanging around to find out. So, tomorrow I'll get a ride over to the airport to at least pick up my car, and check to see if my bags got in.