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Positives for Monday

1. It's the last day of the month, i.e., payday! Yay!
2. I coloured my hair last night, and while it's much lighter than I anticipated, I still like it.
3. I'm leaving for GB in three days!
4. I've created a new fitness plan for myself, which I will begin in earnest immediately upon my return from GB. (Okay, maybe not immediately. I'll probably wait until the following Monday.)
5. I sold two items on Ebay last week, and shipped them off during my lunch hour today.
6. There is nary a weed in my front yard due to approximately five hours of back-breaking work my mom and I did on Saturday.
7. Bonus: the yardwork also counts as a workout - my hams are still screaming!

Secret Guilty Pleasure

PostSecret; a fascinating look into the human psyche, I think! Some of these postcards are so beautifully and creatively done, they make the secret that much more powerful. It's one thing for someone to say "My mom never loved me," but it's another thing entirely to say it like this. There's emotion in that plain white postcard with black scrip: pain, maybe even some shame. I have a feeling this little social experiment could be a very cleansing experience for many people.

Link from The Usual Suspects.


Well, apparently the storm I mentioned below was bad for those who actually got it, but as it turns out, it wasn't anywhere near us. Thank goodness! All is well!

Malaga Wine

MalagawineIt's been a while since I've posted a picture of my toes, so I thought I'd share this shot of my post-pedicured feet. The colour is Malaga Wine from O.P.I., for those of you keeping track. It's a great red colour - not too orangy, but not too bright and gaudy, either. Cheers!