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A Positive End to January

Happy last day of January! Here are today's Positives!

1. My favourite new beverage: Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice and Tea ! I love this stuff with a indescribable passion! I drink it by the gallon!

2. We got lemon bars at work today in memory of the beautiful HarleyGirl. Utopia Bakery's lemon bars were her favourites, and we have them every January to remember her.

3. Yesterday was beautiful - sunny and warmish - so I went out in the backyard to see all the new growth: the lavender is blooming (and buzzing with busy bees!), the yellow-flower bush is blooming, and the daffodils are starting to come up (just the green leaves; no buds yet).

4. I'm reading the best book right now: Because of Winn-Dixie! It's wonderful, charming, adorable, and should make a great movie. It's exactly the kind of book I wish I could write myself.

5. My hair was particularly cute today. Perfectly flipped just the way I like it!

Random Act of Oddness

Selfportrait1I went to Farmer's Market this evening - the first time in a very long time. It was nice - a calm, cool, but not too cold evening. Not too many people crowding around. Just nice.

I dined at The Corner View (formerly Linn's), and along with a delicious plate of cheese ravioli in a creamy sundried tomato and cream sauce, I devoured a delightful book called Because of Winn-Dixie. You may have heard of it. They've made a movie from it. It's really, really good. You should read it. Really.

After dinner, I crossed the street and sat on a bench under a street lamp and continued reading what really is a totally awesome book. (Seriously, if you haven't already done so, you've got to read this book! It's fantastic!) As I sat there, dozens of people of all genders, races, and maturity levels walked, ran and skateboarded by. I looked up from the really good book I was reading (Did I mention I'm reading a really good book right now? I am. It's called Because of Winn-Dixie, and it's really good!) periodically to people watch - one of my favourite pasttimes. I had just looked back down to read another page when I had a very odd conversation.

A girl - someone whom I've never seen before - walked by me, then stopped, turned to me and said, "Hi!"

I looked up, smiled at her and said hi back. Cause I'm nice that way.

Then she said something I didn't quite hear.

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"You have a really pretty smile," she said again.

*blink blink* "Oh. Thank you." I answered

She grinned at me, then headed back up the street. I stared after her for some moments, wondering what possessed a perfect stranger to just speak to another perfect stranger who's sitting on a bench intently reading a really, really good book. I've come to the conclusion she's either a very nice person, or a very odd person. Maybe both. It was an odd experience to be sure, but at the same time, a pretty cool one too!

Lazy Weekend

I was sick as a dog this past week. It was sort-of a surprise, but it really shouldn't have been - I always get sick when I travel, and apparently even a quickie weekend to Santa Barbara is enough to give me the Head Cold of Doom. I ended up calling in sick Thursday as my head was filled with something that was apparently not my brain, and whatever it was spent the day draining out of my nose.

Oh. That was gross, wasn't it? Sorry.

Anyway, it's all over but the hacking, emphysemic-sounding cough, which will likely last through February, but at least I feel better.

Yesterday I had a disappointing shopping trip to Avenue (Oh, great! Gaudy orange, bright fuchsia and blindly bright teal are back in style! Gah! Makes me wish I'd spent more money at Lane Bryant!). I did find a pretty embroidered white blouse, denim capris with roses embroidered on them, and a really cute pair of pink suede mules. Not really anything I need, and certainly not what I was looking for, but at least it was something. It was still disappointing, though. Later, I bought some groceries and mowed the front lawn.

Yeah, you read that right: I mowed the front lawn. And, pulled weeds. In a tank top. And shorts. Yeah. I [heart] California!

Today is simple: playoff games and beer! Nothing better on a Sunday afternoon! I don't know what I'm going to do after the Superbowl! Cheers!

Better Late Than Never

Again I'm late with the Positives! Gah! Anyway . . .

1. I had a terrific time in Santa Barbara over the weekend with my friend Jewel! We shopped, we had Afternoon Tea in a fancy hotel, we drank fancy coffees at sidewalk cafes, and played Rummy. It rocked.

2. This is Sanctity of Human Life Week.

3. This is also a short week for me - I had Monday off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and I'm only working half a day tomorrow.

4. I'm going to WeetaCon in March! (And, after all that shopping I did over the weekend, now I need to go out and buy cold-weather stuff!)

5. I've ended up catching a cold - the positive part of this is that Avil Cold and Sinus gel tabs work great!