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Random Randomness

1. Willliam Shatner's new CD Has Been? Holy cow! Can you say, "Wow! This is really, really good!"? I know I can!

2. I now have in my greedy little hands all three volumes of Invader Zim! I LOVE that show! GIR cracks me up.

3. A Room With A Moose. *snerk*

4. In case you haven't popped over to Escape lately, I'm once again doing NaNoWriMo, and am once again writing a fanfic. It's not an E! fic, however, but a Danny Phantom fanfic. (Because, yes, I am twelve and still watch cartoons) I have over 8,000 words already, and have had absolutely no sleep. But, isn't that what NaNo's all about?

5. I need new desk toys. While my small, but interesting collection of goodies is quirky and fun, I'm getting bored with my Barbie pen, my Speed Racer coffee mug-cum-pen holder, and my Happy Ball. *Sigh*

Four More Years!

Well, it's official: George Bush will continue to be our President for four more years. Frankly, I'm just glad it's over, and we can all get back to our lives. I pray that we can come together as a nation, though. You know that old song, United we stand, divided we fall? Well, right now we're so divided, it's scary!

Gah! I'm done with politics! It's too stressful for my weak constitution!


Cpr1_1 This evening a few of us from The Firm and one girl from next door took our CPR Recertification. Sadly, I missed one question on the written exam, so I was unable to have a perfect score two years in a row, but I'm still pleased that I remembered as much as I did. So, feel free to drop dead in front of me. I totally know what to do!

I Voted!

Voted_2 I don't know what it is about voting that gets me so excited. Is it standing in line for my ballot? Is it filling in the little ovals next to the person I want or issue I either want or don't want? No. The reason I get so excited about voting is that I get a cute little sticker that says "I Voted", and I get to wear it all day long! Yay for stickers!