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A Positively Good Weekend

1.  Nice, nice weekend filled with some work, some play, and a lot of rest and relaxation.

2.  A profitable walk on Saturday morning.

3.  I'm reading a really good book right now: <i>Learning to Sing</i> by Clay Aiken. Sure, it might be a bit early for this kid to be writing his memoir, but what the heck, it's good, and I'm enjoying it.

4.  I'm looking forward to a nice, short week - not only do I have Thanksgiving Thursday off <i>and</i> Friday, but I also have Tuesday off. Yay!

5.  I love when my Mondays are also Fridays!

Worth It

30cents Mom and I got up and walked this morning, something we haven't done for a few weeks. Despite the fact that it was darn cold, it was actually very pleasant, and surprisingly profitable: I found a nickel and and quarter in the street as we were walking up to Carlene's! Also, I tried the light roast coffee this time instead of the medium roast, which lately has been way too strong and bitter for my taste. The light roast was perfect, and is now my new favourite. It was hard to get up and walk on this brisk, November morning, but in the end it was worth it (and I don't necessarily mean the money!); it just felt good to get out in the fresh air, and get some exercise. I really need to do that more often! Cheers!

I [Heart] My Toes!

04_008 A new meme by Lori, this one a bit different than most: write about your favourite body part. For me, this one's easy - I love my feet! I didn't always say that - I used to hate my humongous feet - but I really like them now. They're nice feet, really. A perfect size 9, with five pretty little toes each. I haven't always treated them right - many years of ill-fitting or just plain too-small shoes have lead to blisters, scars, corns, and slightly deformed pinkie and ring toes - but all-in-all, they're still nice feet, and they still get me where I want to go. I'm much nicer to my feet now. I wear shoes that are the correct size, and are comfortable, and I get my feet pampered with a pedicure every two weeks. In fact, I got one this evening. Since my toes aren't as visible as they were all summer with sandles and open-toed shoes, I decided to go with a fun colour this time - Cool in the Pool by O.P.I.. It was part of their Summer Splash collection this past summer, and I never got around to using it then.

Friday #1

Note_1I just loved the note on this box of chocolates. I don't know why, but it really spoke to me. It's simple, yet it says so much.

I'm reading waaaay too much into that, aren't I?

Anyway, I have two Fridays this week. The first one is today; tomorrow is Veteran's Day, and I have it off. Then I have the regular Friday and the weekend. It's nice to have this little break in the middle of the week. I'm planning on going through my CDs (again) and sending off another box to Second Spin. I also need to swap out my shoes; now that it's finally decided to be a cool and rainy autumn, I need to put away all my sandals and flip-flops. *Sigh* I already miss the convenience of the open-toed, slip-ons I wore all summer!

Positively Late

I'm terribly late with my Positives this week - sorry.

1. It's a short week. Sort of. I've got Thursday off, so I only have a four-day week, but not a three-day weekend.

2. I kinda like having a day off in the middle of the week. It's like having two Fridays!

3. I currently have 10,349 words written for my NaNoWriMo novel. I am also almost completely scrapping the current storyline and starting over. I'm keeping my words though. I wrote them in November, so they still count.

4. I'm excited about my new storyline!

5. Actually, I just hope it makes sense! :-)