Positively Late

Friday #1

Note_1I just loved the note on this box of chocolates. I don't know why, but it really spoke to me. It's simple, yet it says so much.

I'm reading waaaay too much into that, aren't I?

Anyway, I have two Fridays this week. The first one is today; tomorrow is Veteran's Day, and I have it off. Then I have the regular Friday and the weekend. It's nice to have this little break in the middle of the week. I'm planning on going through my CDs (again) and sending off another box to Second Spin. I also need to swap out my shoes; now that it's finally decided to be a cool and rainy autumn, I need to put away all my sandals and flip-flops. *Sigh* I already miss the convenience of the open-toed, slip-ons I wore all summer!