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Participation Positives

1. The past couple of weeks I've enjoyed two very wonderful, exciting and fun vacations!

2. However, it felt really good to just stay home this weekend, and not have to go anywhere or do anything or see anyone.

3. I got my bathroom all cleaned out yesterday - good heavens, but I had a lot of make-up! - and organized.

4. I got to sleep in both Saturday and Sunday.

5. I had the opportunity to visit with my grandparents on Saturday.

Safe and Sound

Well, I'm home, safe and sound from my amazing weekend! I apologize for not updating as promised, but the hotel's computer was either always in use, or, as was the case when I attempted to make a drunken update Saturday night, not working properly.

(Actually, I'm quite relieved the Saturday post didn't post! I'm sure it was a bit embarrassing!)

Anyway, I did write entries during the Con, and took tons of pictures, so all will be revealed soon!