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There are officially 112 days 'til JournalCom. (Oh, and by the way Rabbit, Rabbit. Yay! I remembered this month!)

Anyway, there are 112 days 'til the Con. That's about 15 weeks. There are 16 Sundays and 15 Fridays, wherein I absolutely will not be working out, and I will be imbibing in a couple glasses of a delightful fermented grape juice. Preferably local. Six Thursdays are out, too, due to my Memoir Writing class.


That leaves me with 75 days to exercise - 47 of them at Curves, the other 28 at home, supplementing the Curves workout with tons of cardio and yoga and ab workouts.

I haven't been doing terribly good on SBD, and I'm seriously considering a switch to Atkins, just for a little while. Just to see if it really works. Actually, I know it really works - my uncle has been doing it, and has lost a ton of weight! He looks great, and feels much better. You can tell. He's happier. He smiles a lot more. He's not so achy. So. Maybe.

Then again, maybe I should just follow the darn SBD diet more closely! I must confess I've slipped in recent days and indulged in some couscous and pasta, although I shouldn't have. The cravings came from my impending visit from Aunt Flo (who safely arrived via the Cotton Pony Express Cab Co. Thursday evening; since I'm sure you all care so much), and I just . . . gave into them. I don't know why. I just did.

My goal is to lose 35 pounds by JournalCon, and be in a comfortable size 12. If I can just get my arse in gear, I know I can do it. Of course, it's not the first time I've said that, so I guess we'll all just have to wait and see.