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A Busy, Awesome Weekend!

Every single day over the holiday weekend I meant to sit down at the computer and write an entry about the fun, wonderful, exciting things I experienced. Every single night I was too darn tired! So, just a quick recap today, I'm afraid.

Friday: This was a working day, despite the fact that I was on vacation from my job. Mom and I took care of some looming home improvement projects such as filling in the large crack in the garage floor, and putting sealant on the floor where the water has been leaking in. We also did some adjustments to the front screen door, and touched up the paint around the door. Later we made a quick trip to Home Depot for a new light cover for the kitchen (because I managed to break the old one when reinstalling it last week), then stopped by the Outlet Center for a couple Subway sandwiches for dinner. It felt really good to get all that stuff out of the way, so we can basically play all summer now!

Saturday: Our first official fun day of summer! Mom and I go up early to get groceries after having coffee and a muffin at Starbucks, then showered and got all gussied up for a day of shopping and fine dining in Paso Robles. We stopped at the Target center first, hoping to find graduation gifts for my two cousins who are graduating from High School next month. We know what we want to get for M., but we can't find it. And, A., well, what does one get a boy for graduation? We just can't seem to find anything we like. After our failed shopping trip, we headed to Paso, where we planned on doing some more shopping - but mostly just looking, since the downtown area is mostly antique shops - then having a late lunch or early dinner at F. McClintocks using the gift card my firm so graciously provided us staff last Christmas. Little did we know that there was a Kustom Car Show taking place in Paso, and the downtown area was packed to the gills! We lucked out in finding a nice parking space, however, and after a lovely late lunch, we wandered around checking out all the cool cars and trucks! I got some great shots, which I've played around with in PSP, and will share soon. Promise.

Sunday: Beach day! Mom and I headed out to Cambria for the first time in months! It was a beautiful day - sunshine, blue skies, the fog bank was visible, but still quite a ways off shore. The breeze was cool, but we both had sweatshirts on, so we were comfortable. We walked along the boardwalk which runs alongside Moonstone Beach, stopping periodically to sit on one of the many benches and just watch the waves. We were greeted several times by one or more of the dozens of ground squirrels who inhabit the area, and are quite tame, very likely because people tend to feed them, despite the numerous signs saying not to. They're cute little guys, though, and I got one really fabulous shot, which I promise I'll share soon! The tide was going out, so many large rocks were exposed, and I joined the three or four people out checking out the tide pools. I didn't see anything too terribly interesting, but I did get a couple interesting shots of the unique rock formations and textures, as well as a shot of the two seals who were snoozing on one of the other rocks. It was, quite simply, a fantastic day!

Monday: Today was almost a complete failure. I wanted to get a haircut and pedicure, but both Fantastic Sam's and Le's Nails were closed for the holiday. Grr. So, I tried shopping for graduation gifts again, but only managed to find a cute little graduation bear for M. Still nothing for A., and I'm starting to get nervose: A.'s graduation is next week! The rest of the day was spend laying around doing nothing, although I had plenty to do: homework, writing, reading (I did get about halfway through The Stepford Wives, though), and yardwork. I was just too tired, though, so I did nothing but nap.

Participation Positives

This past weekend was awesome, and here is why:

1. It was slightly overcast and cool for our walk Saturday morning. It's so much nicer to walk when it's cool and not sunny and hot.

2. We were able to get rid of a trunkload of stuff to Goodwill. The Goodwill truck was closed (even though it was after 11am, and it's supposed to open at 10am every day), but a couple other people were dropping their stuff off anyway, so we did, too.

3. We found everything we needed to get our home improvement projects done on Friday (which I'm taking as a vacation day), with one stop at Miner's Harware. We found the stove hood filter we've been looking everywhere for for over two years now, some webbing to fix up our aluminum chaise, a small can of concrete sealer for the corner of our garage where the water leaks in, and a door for the screen door. Three - three - different employees asked to help us in our search for the various items, and were each very cheerful about it! It was wonderful! Not at all like shopping at Home Depot, which is usually not as sucessful or pleasant. Miner's has our business forever!

3. I went through dozens of old stamping magazines, tore out the pictures and projects I wanted to keep, and tossed the ripped up, cut up carcasas in the recycling bin. Then, in a burst of inspiration, I stamped a greeting card for a friend of mine in Washington State, and stamped a graduation card for one of my cousins.

4. I only spent about three hours on the computer the whole weekend. I'm trying to spend less time online, and more time doing stuff in real life; it's been hard, but I'm gradually breaking myself of the online habit!

5 I generally just had a great weekend - I had fun, I felt good, and slept better than I have in a few weeks. It was nice and refreshing!

Another Meme Thing

Blatantly stolen from Dreama.

First job: Paper stuffer at the Colfax Gazette.
First self purchased CD:
First piercing/tattoo: Piercing: my ears when I was 13 or 14. Tattoo: above left ankle at age 27.
First enemy: Some kid in school, I'm sure, but I don't remember.

Last big car ride: Down to SoCal in March.
Last kiss: Don't remember.
Last library book checked out: The New Thought Police by Tammy Bruce.
Last movie seen: The Passion.
Last beverage drank: Water.
Last food consumed: A Carmel Nut Blast Balance Bar.
Last phone call: Two days ago.
Last CD played: Clay Aiken, Solitaire CD single.
Last annoyance: The god-awful traffic yesterday morning.
Last pop drank: Diet Vanilla Coke (with a shot of Solis Vanil) last Sunday afternoon.
Last ice cream eaten: Skinny Cow ice cream bar, Sunday evening.
Last shirt worn: Black and white floral print.

I AM: always so darn tired!
I HAVE: a fat ass.
I WISH: I didn't have a fat ass.
I HEAR: cars going by too fast.
I SEARCH: for the perfect pair of cute flippy shoes that won't kill my feet.
I REGRET: letting myself gain so much damn weight.
I LOVE: myself, regardless of how much I weight or what size jeans I wear.
I ALWAYS: strive to be a better person.

COLOR: Blue.
DAY: Friday.
MONTH: June.
SONG(S): Blessed Be Your Name Tree63.
SEASON: Summer.
DRINK: Chardonnay.