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Fitness Quiz

One of my fellow BlogSwan contestants posted this interesting fitness personality quiz from the Weight Watcher sight. I love internet quizes, so naturally, I took this one. Here's my result:

"You're an Outside Exerciser!
Being at one with nature isn't just an ideal, it's likely to be your reality. All your favorite activities are likely to take place in the fresh air, and you probably don't even think about getting a cardio benefit as you meander along wooded walking trails. For you, exercising outdoors is likely to be a soulful stimulus. You are likely to enjoy yard work and gardening, taking long walks and bird watching. There's likely no need for you to join a gym — as long as you have a park nearby and don't shy away from rainy-day workouts. You should consider a variety of activities like walking, gardening, mountain biking, canoeing and hiking, but be sure not to get so caught up in the beauty surrounding you that you forget to challenge yourself. "

This is mostly true: I do enjoy being outdoors and partaking in outdoor activities, but I'm usually too tired, or let's just admit it, too dang lazy to go out and do anything. Once I'm outside and doing stuff, though, I love it. I'm thinking this result should be one that I aspire to - I've been wanting to go moutain biking, hiking, camping and ocean kayaking for a long time. Perhaps it's time to really work on that.