Flower Corner
Sunset over Pechanga

Participation Positives

I had another awesome weekend! Not quite as wonderful as last weekend hanging out at the Pechanga Resort with my friend Jewel (check out the entries in my journal), but a great weekend, nevertheless. I did some more purging of my closets, and got rid of tons of useless old clothes, making way for my new springy outfits. I also had a massive purge session with my rubber stamps, and have a ton I'm going to get rid of. I think I'll start trying to sell them online, then later at the yard sale. There's just too many to just give to Goodwill! Here's some other random positives for this Monday:

1. I lost 1.5 pounds over the weekend!

2. I got all my veggies and salad fixin's prepared for the week!

3. The sun is out and it's nice and warm and pretty!

4. My hair is cooperating today!

5. My Happy Ball says I'm a winner! (Gee. I wish I'd had that thing at Pechanga!)