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They're Here!

Well, my Q-bits items arrived - all nineteen pieces of them! Luckily only 14 of them have to be assembled (I guess that's lucky, right?), and mom and I can spend the weekend doing just that! I'm very excited to get my stuff off the floor and out of boxes, and get it all organized and looking pretty!

Oh, my God!!!

I LOVE Tammy Bruce! She is my HERO!! In this article, Tammy writes almost word for word what I've often thought in my own head. Particularly this passage:

"Frankly, I believe the cultural trouble and moral vapidity in our society today - the moral relativism I write about in DRW - has sprung from the 'liberation' movements of the 60s and 70s. It was then that the Left began to attack the traditional in the name of liberation and equality."

And this:

"Today's struggle with single-parent families, drug addiction, the epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases among the young, suicide rates, the devaluing of the family, and even the extraordinarily high divorce rate, I contend, can be traced back to the time which lionized the destruction of the traditional and the elevation of moral relativism."

Yes, yes, and yes! Thank you, Tammy! Thank you!

In other news, we're getting completely slammed! We've got wind gusts up to 50 mph, and tons and tons of rain!

Participation Positives

I had another great weekend wherein I accomplished a lot: I got my taxes done, took care of some CA Blonde stuff, purged a ton of books from the den, picked up some supplies from Beverly's for a couple crafts projects I've been wanting to do, and cleaned off and organized my desk!