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Write! I'm Ready!

So, the short story writing class I'm taking begins tonight, and - yay! - I have the book! I had to buy it from Borders last night, but still, I have it. The copy I ordered from should arrive in the mail today (if their tracking thingie is to be believed), and I wasn't about to spend an hour driving all the way home to pick it up after work then driving all the way back to campus. I'm just going to send the darn thing back, and let them know I'm sending it back because it was late. So there, Amazon, and your promised 2-day air! pppffffttt!

Anyway, last night I grabbed my writing notebook (three ring binder filled with lined paper and tons of old writing stuff like ideas, notes, and story starters, etc.), and a pen and mechanical pencil, my book, a copy of "Animal Farm" to read while I'm waiting for class to start, and some snacks (a Results shake, water, and an apple). I almost packed my laptop to take notes with, but I feared it would be too cumbersome, and that I'd look like an idiot. Then, last night I dreamed I was like Elle Woods in "Legally Blonde" who showed up for her first class at Harvard Law School with her fluffy pink pen and pretty pink notebook while everyone around her had laptops, and furiously clickity-clacked their notes down while she struggled to keep up. Of course, if everyone shows up with laptops tonight, I'll know to bring mine next week!

Oh, and there's a new journal entry up. I apologize for being so good during December, and then hardly updating at all so far this month. I promise to do better.

OH, but I am anNOYyed, I tell you!

ANNOYED!!! You see, I ordered the textbook for the short story writing class I'm taking this quarter (which begins tomorrow night, by the way, and for which I've even started a new blog for notes, story ideas, thoughts, etc.) from a week ago! I even changed my normal 1-Click settings to 2-day air, so I'd get it by the weekend, and could thumb through it; maybe even read a couple stories just to get into the mood.

When the book didn't arrive on Saturday, I was a wee bit ticked, but not too worried - after all, it could still show up on Monday, or Tuesday, though that would be cutting it pretty darn close! When it wasn't there again last night, THEN I got mad! I checked the tracking and discovered that the book, which I ordered on January 6th, was not even shipped until January 12th - yester-freakin'-day!!! It's not scheduled to arrive in my mailbox until - you guessed it - tomorrow, the day of the class! Grr!

You know, I had my hands on a copy of the book at Borders just last week, and I almost bought it, but I thought, 'no, mine will show up in the mail today or tomorrow.' Now, I'm just praying that lone copy is still sitting there when I rush over in a total panic at lunch today to buy it. Gah!