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New Project & Miscellaneous Crap

Thanks to my dear (and adorable) friend Mo Pie, I have a new project: making a chapbook. Or, to be more precise, making several chapbooks. You see, Mo recently mentioned in Mr. Ointy, of having created a chapbook of her own, and it sounded intriguing. I did some research online about chapbooks, and found that they are quite easy and fun to make. I have some old and new poetry just lying about collecting dust, and I've always wanted to do something with them. This looks like the thing. I can include some photographs and hand-stamped artwork as well.

Ah! I can feel my creative juices beginning to flow again! The past few months it has been difficult to write or stamp or even take pictures. I'm sure it had to do with "The Break" I took. All those extra hormones built a dam in the middle of my creative river, and effectively blocked the flow. Sometimes it was like I had Creative Constipation: I had to force the creativity out of myself, and sometimes it was pretty painful. But now, my creative river is flowing again like it should be: free and easy. The break was nice, and I really needed it, but I'm glad it's over!

And, so with very little time remaining before The Holidays, I have the following projects to work on:

1. Finish my NaNoWriMo novel. I've got over 38,000 words so far, so there's a good chance I can finish before the end of the month!

2. Make Christmas cards. I'd like to hand stamp all of them this year, but I'll probably be lucky if I manage to whip out ten of them.

3. Make calendars. I'm planning on using some photographs this year, rather than trying to hand stamp them. It should be easier and less time consuming.

4. Make a couple chapbooks. Just for fun. I doubt I'll do anything with them, but they'll be fun to make.

So, there's all that, plus family get-togethers, office parties, three days a week at Curves, playing "Clean Sweep" The Home Game, and hopefully getting my consignment stuff at California Blonde figured out. Gah! I'm exhausted just writing all that down!

Oh, and speaking of "Clean Sweep" The Home Game, I have another box of CDs, VHS and DVDs to ship out to This box only totaled something like $178.00, and will likely be a lot less because they probably won't accept everything, but still, every little bit of money counts towards the purchase of new bedroom furniture, plus I get a bunch of old crap out of my house! There were several VHS tapes that I couldn't sell to them, so I'm thinking of putting them on Ebay, along with some of my Beanie Babies and Meanies. I'm planning on going through my CDs again, because there was a lot of crap I held on to for no reason. Most of my CDs I haven't listened to in years, and probably won't listen to again. They need to go away so someone else can enjoy them.

It will be so nice to get my home and my life uncluttered and organized! I feel like just getting rid of everything, and starting over from scratch. With stuff from Ikea. And the Michael Graves Collection at Target. And, this place.

I can't really explain this sudden desire to purge, particularly after years of being a defiant packrat. But I just really want a home with minimal furnishings, clean lines and understated elegance, but with the occasional touch of whimsy. I want to redefine my life and myself. I want to be the opposite of what I've always been. Here I am halfway through my life, and I guess it's just time for a change. A change of self and of my surroundings. I'm not sure what that means, though. I'll let you know if and when I figure it all out.