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Blogging From A to Z: Earrings


I love earrings. As you can see from the display above, I have quite a collection. The more unique or bizarre the better. I have earrings shaped like fish skeletons, feather earrings, dragons, coffins, eyeballs, bats, even miniature rubber stamp earrings (that really are functional rubber stamps!). Sure I've got some pretty and normal earrings as well, but when I find something wacky, I usually buy it. Recently I have been trying to steer away from some of the cheaper, clothing-store-type earrings and start buying pieces that are slightly higher quality while still being unique and unusual. Some of my current favourite pieces are below: 

These gorgeous earrings are made with sea glass and were purchased at Teresa Belle Gallery in Cambria, California. I love that they are one-of-a-kind, hand-made earrings, and the colours are beautiful!

This pair of hand-blown glass earrings were purchased at The Glasshouse Studio in Seattle, Washington. I love the unique, artsy feel of them, and the pretty, swirling colours. 
This pair was purchased at the Pro Shop at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Nothing too terribly special about them except that it's the Packers, and they're subtle enough so I can wear them to work without being too flashy about supporting my team.
This is another unique, artsy pair of earrings I bought in Seattle, but unfortunately I can't remember which quaint little gallery I bought them in .
And, yeah, I know I said I was trying not to buy so much cheap jewelery from clothing stores, but these adorable sugar skull earrings from Torrid were just too cute to resist!