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2013 Sweetheart Stroll

Friday Five '13F

  1. I honestly don't know what's happened to time lately. I used to have so much of it, and now I seem to have so very little. At least not enough to get done all I want and need to.  I used to hand stamp cards for just about every holiday or special event throughout the year, and now I'm lucky if I get five done for Christmas! I used to write extremely long (and probably boring) journal entries and fan fiction stories ALL THE TIME, and now if I get one brief blog entry posted a week, I'm doing good. It's kinda sad, really.
  2. That said, this week has gone by SO SLOWLY! God, I thought we'd never get to Friday! The hours just dragged on and on, and I swear we either had an extra day this week, or a few extra hours attached to every day. It was painful. Truly.
  3. I haven't started packing for Weetacon yet, and that's terrifying. I do have a new winter coat to take, but couldn't find any boots, so I might have to make due with what I have (which will likely be my floral Doc Martin's). I also need to buy my costume, get my charity items completed, and I think I'm going to need a new suitcase. My little red one just isn't going to cut it this year, mostly because I'm extending my vacation beyond Weetacon this year to a week with my BFF Jewel in Ohio, and will need to take extra stuff. My mom has a big, hard-sided suitcase I might use, but we've had it since the mid-80s (it's the one she used on our totally amazing England trip), so I'm not sure what kind of shape it's in. If I need to, I'm sure I can run down to Target quick like a bunny and buy a new one, but, dang! I'm cutting it close!
  4. After a couple of months of using my TARDIS hard case for my iPhone and the Michael Kors wallet that it fit into, I've gone back to my all-in-one bookbook wallet/iPhone case. As much as I loved the TARDIS case, digging out my wallet, unzipping it, and pulling out my iPhone without dropping it just to check Facebook or take a picture was becoming annoying. And, I'll be travelling soon, so the bookbook is just going to be way more convenient.
  5. And, here is your photo of the week: the sun through a tree jazzed up on snapseed: